How to register?

To register, go to Creating an account is free.
You need to verify your identity through PROBot on xat first.

We recommend that you make different passwords from your xat and/or email passwords.
You should use a unique password for your account for your own safety!

You can use an email address to receive notifications and recover your password if necessary.

How to upload my player?

You can upload your radio player as soon as your account registration is completed. HTML files only!
To upload your radio player, go to and choose the file.

You can add a name to your player and list the chats where it will be exhibited.

How can I see my uploaded players?

You can see a list of all your players (approved and pending approval) on the "Manage players" menu, under the user menu.

The players will only work if their content and code comply to the terms of service located at

How can I change my password?

To change your account password, select the user menu (when logged in), go to "Settings" and then click "Change password".
Enter with your old password and confirm your new password.

How do I disable the email notifications?

To disable your email notifications from xatRadio, log into your account and go to
Or select the user menu (while logged in), click "Settings" and then "Disable Notifications".
To enable your email notifications back, click "Enable Notifications".

How can I transfer my account to a new xat ID?

To transfer your account to a new ID, first log into your new ID on xat.
Next, go to the user menu (when logged in), click "Settings" and then "Transfer to new id".
The page will give you a command. Copy and paste it on the chat (in preference to PROBOT's private chat).
Your transfer will be completed if you send the correct transfer code.

How do I remove my uploaded player?

To delete your player, select your user menu, click "Settings" and then "Manage players".
Choose the player that you want to delete and click "Request Removal".

Your request will be analysed and your player will be deleted afterwards.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, log into, select your user menu, click "Settings" and then "Delete my account".
You must send the command to the bot before deleting your account (for security reasons).

Your current ID can then be reused for a new account.